Monday, May 25, 2009

tattoo| 001

Date: April 15 2009

Tattoo: Her boyfriend's signature

Location: Left chest plate

Tools: Mickey Sharpz hybrid | 3 round needle

My overview: Didn't go deep enough, had a nervous hand, and ...a lot about this is wrong. First tattoo or not, I still hate how it came out so horrible.

But...It was educational in that it gave me the experience of working on skin first hand.

Fun Fact: For 10 minutes before she arrived, I used my machines for the very first time period. Tried to get some practice in on fake skin.


This journal was inspired by a journal of the same theme which I stumbled upon a year or two ago. I stupidly didn't bookmark the journal he was keeping, or if I did, It's been lost somehow. Since the first day I found it.

So wherever you are...The tattooist ,who had a degree in graphic design but followed his true heart in tattooing, thank you for the inspiration.

(P.S. If you now the who I'm talking about [I remember his journal was grey, and he had some kind of degree. In graphic design I think. And he might have worked for disney at some point too], please send me his link so I may link him properly. Plus, I want to see how his work is doing.)

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