Thursday, May 28, 2009

tattoo| 004-006

tattoo| 006
Needle: 5RL

Location: Left ankle partial wrap
Tattoo: CRIP

tattoo| 005
Needle: 5RL

Location: right chest
Tattoo: Sandra , his mother's name

tattoo| 004
Needle: 3RL

Location: Left ring finger| hand | wrist
Tattoo: $ | LaSalle | XC

Date: May 26, 2009

Self Review: Still messy here and there, but not s many slips in tattoo| 002 I think. Need to get accustomed to working in awkward access points. Or learn how to make said points LESS awkward.


All tattoo's done on the same day will be posted together in the same post. I think that'll be more organized. All feedback welcome of course!

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