Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daniel Radcliffe Australian Hot Girl Image/picture

Australian Hot Girl picture of Daniel Radcliffe

Source: Beautiful Girls Pictures
Daniel Radcliffe Australian Hot Girl Picture Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, who admits he has had trouble finding a girlfriend, was smitten when he locked eyes with a beautiful Australian girl at a film function in Sydney.

But who was she? The 18-year-old boy-wizard star walked around groups of party-goers afterwards but failed to find her.

Now the blue-eyed blonde who is convinced she is the girl who stole Radcliffe's heart has come forward, admitting that throughout the awards evening she and Radcliffe were "sort of smiling and making eye contact".

What's more, she is now preparing to fly to London next week.

But 20-year-old insurance worker Cassie McKay has some bad news for the Harry Potter star.

She has a boyfriend, to whom she remains committed.

And her journey across the world is for a four-month holiday she planned months ago.

Once more, it seems, Radcliffe's hopes of finding a girlfriend who isn't a gold digger who is after him for his fame and money, have been dashed.

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