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SYTYCD: Katie Holmes Got Happy, But Nigel, Cat and Two Dancers Got Sad information

SYTYCD: Katie Holmes Got Happy, But Nigel, Cat and Two Dancers Got Sad

Katie Holmes is so pretty, but is she a great song-and-dance gal?

Well, we'll leave that to you, but we can say this for certain—Mrs. Tom Cruise's shoulder shrugs and hat jiggles may work on Broadway, but they don't hold a candle to So You Think You Can Dance's Elite Eight.

Sure, she was doing the Judy Garland "Get Happy" dance on behalf of the Dizzy Feet Foundation and she looked great in a white suit and then a little black number. Love that. And we don't doubt the half-dozen dapper dudes had no problem lifting her over their head, but, still, it kinda made us dream of the good ole days when Joey Potter sang "On My Own."

Anyhoo, Katie looking fabulous was hardly the shock of the night.

Even though the vibe was all about celebrating the 100th episode, two dancers still had to go home. Let's just say it killed Nigel Lythgoe's good time...

Sadly, Jason Glover and Janette Manrara were voted off the show.

Once Evan Kasprzak was safe—gasp!—and the male saying goodbye was either Jason or Brandon Bryant, few seemed surprised by the result. But, when Janette's name was called, even Cat Deeley couldn't hide her shock.

The host showered the shorty from Miami with kisses and declared it "the shock of the season." "I don't know what I'm going to do without you," she said.

Nigel was flabbergasted.

"Often my favorites don't win and it doesn't matter because I always transfer it over to the winner and I'm happy for them," he said. "But I have to say on this occasion—and I think I can now—that Janette, you were my favorite too. I really wanted you to win this year...It's ruined this 100th celebration for me, to be honest. I think you're absolutely fantastic and I'm really sorry to lose you. I think America got it wrong."


Thankfully, there were still plenty of happy moments—and familiar faces— peppered throughout the night.

The milestone show opened with a Mia Michaels group routine to "One" from A Chorus Line, as well as several moving words to mark the occasion.

Mia said she "couldn't be more proud of being Mamma Mia on a show like this," while Mary Murphy said it brought her "the most brilliant dancing that I have ever seen in my entire life." Nigel said, "I think television at its best can reach out and unite a country with a shared experience."

Lastly, who didn't love revisiting Mia's "The Bench" (performed by season two's Travis Wall and Heidi Groskreutz-Burns) and Wade Robson's "The Hummingbird and the Flower" (with season three's Hok Konishi and Jaimie Goodwin)? And how about Wade joining the top 8 from season two in that Renaissance zombie group number, "Ramalama (Bang Bang)"?

By the end of the hour, we just wanted to shake it...and have a bite of that confetti-covered cake.

Did you agree with Nigel—was Janette robbed of a hot tamale train ticket to the finale? And what did you think of Katie Holmes? Sound off in the comments.

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