Friday, July 17, 2009

Website: Scott Peterson Wants Donations to Appeal Death Penalty

Scott Peterson Wants Donations to Appeal Death Penalty

Scott Peterson

SACRAMENTO, CA - In a statement on a web site dedicated to Scott Peterson's appeal, the Peterson family children are allegedly asking for donations to help fund the fight.

According to the statement, Scott Peterson's parents have exhausted their financial resources by paying for their son's defense and appellate attorneys for the past six years.

Peterson will receive some state money to help cover investigative costs, but the site said the children believe they will need to raise appoximately $95,000 to cover the rest of the costs.

The money will reportedly be used to complete forensic testing, hire experts to review evidence and hire investigators to speak with key witnesses.

In the statement, the family writes, "With your contribution to the Peterson Family fund, the investigation will be able to move forward uninterrupted, the burden to pay for it will be lifted from our parents, and we will be one step closer to the priceless freedom of our innocent brother."

Scott Peterson

Peterson is on death row at San Quentin State Prison. He was convicted in 2004 of murdering his pregnant wife and their unborn child.

The statement goes on to read, "Your help today will bring us one step closer to getting Scott granted a new trial and finding justice for Laci and Conner."
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