Saturday, January 24, 2009

Miranda Kerr Bikini in St. Barts.


Its good to be Orlando bloom, particularly when your girlfriend has to go away for a bit because she is shooting for Victoria’s Secret, in St. Barts. My lord, this chick is smoking hot. She has that girl next door and girl that would never talk to me look all wrapped up in one. Quite the achievement if I do say.

Pictures of Miranda Kerr in a bikini.

Britney Spears deamed interesting, to Write her autobiography.

britney-spears in teddy-bear.jpg
According to the Daily Mirror, Britney Spears has been offered $14 million to write her own autobiography. Or at least have someone that doesn’t speak in Southern tongues do the writing and have someone really creative make it interesting.

Our source reveals: “There have been numerous unofficial biographies printed about Britney, but she’s never agreed to pen her own tome - until now. “And some of the stories she’s got are absolute dynamite. She’s kept diaries so there’s nothing she’ll leave out unless she wants to.
“If the deal goes ahead she will write between three and five books throughout the next decade - it’s one of the most lucrative book deals in showbiz history.
“Britney will talk frankly about growing up and how she went off the rails. It’ll be a gripping read.”

Gripping read, no doubt. Whatever happened to making a sex tape? She truly has fallen off track again.

britney-spears-autobiography-17 britney-spears-autobiography-24 britney-spears-autobiography-79 britney-spears-autobiography-7
britney-spears- autobiography-5 britney-spears- autobiography-4 britney-spears- autobiography-02 britney-spears- autobiography

Kim Kardashian is nominated for a Razzie

kim-kardashian-sex-tape-03.jpgKim Kardashian is athrill over her contempo Razzie choice for the movie, Disaster Movie, which allegedly lived up to its own name as its nominated as well. Kim seems to be demography it in stride. Maybe she knows that abysmal bottomward inside, she can still cull the my sex band was bigger than castigation card…with anybody but Paris, that is. Here’s more.

"I’m having a really good laugh over the fact that I’ve been nominated for a Razzie this year.
I had so much fun filming Disaster Movie and giggled the entire time during the shoot.
There is steep competition in my “worst supporting actress” category, I have to admit… including my fantastic costar Carmen Electra (you go girl!), Leelee Sobieski (what a surprise!), Jenny McCarthy (really?) and Paris Hilton (who could technically sweep this year’s awards with a whopping three nominations!)."
It’s an honor just being nominated! LOL!

kim-kardashian-Razzie kim-kardashian-nominateRazzie.jpg kim-kardashian-eRazzie_nominated.jpg kim-kardashian-Razzie_nominated.jpg

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kim Kardashian Bikini Candids

bikini_kim_kardashianKim Kardashian and her new boy toy Reggie Bush were spotted frolicking on the beaches of the Dominican Republic this week. Expect to see footage of Kim and Reggie's vacation in the second season of E!'s Keeping Up with the Kardashians when it premiere this Sunday night (March 9. 2008) at 10:00 p.m. Depending on who you ask, Hollywood's favorite family returns for a highly anticipated second season, bringing viewers more of the wild antics and family chaos that made this show a fan favorite. The all-new season will continue to highlight the ups and downs and in betweens that make this family work. In the first episode Kim deals with the pressures of fame by adopting a diva attitude that does not sit well with the family and Kourtney gets the shock of her life when she finds scandalous text messages on her boyfriend's cell phone.

kim-kardashian-bikini-Candids.jpg kim-kardashian-bikini-1-06.jpg kim-kardashian-bikini-1-03.jpg kim-kardashian-bikini-1-04.jpg

Carmen Electra Bikini Candids


Carmen Electra bikini pictures from the Polaroid beach house in Malibu.

Carmen Electra bikini candids carmen-electra-bikini.jpg Carmen Electra bikini candids

Hilary Duff - bikini candids


Hilary Duff - bikini candids
Birth name - Hilary Erhard Duff
Born - September 28, 1987 (1987-09-28) Houston, Texas, USA
Genre(s) - Pop, Bubblegum Pop, electronic, dance, electro-pop
Occupation(s) - Actress, singer, songwriter, spokesperson, fashion designer
Instrument(s) - Vocals
Years active 1998–present

Hilary Duff - bikini candids Hilary_Duff_bikini_candid_picture_2.jpg hilary-duff-bikini-1.jpg hilary-duff-bikini-04.jpg