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* Born: 1912 04, Kalanaur, India
* Died: February 14, 1974, Calcutta, India
* Active: '50s, '60s
* Genres: World
* Instrument: Vocals
* Representative Albums: "A Rare Treat from Amir Khan," "Legend Lives On," "Ye Ri Tu Dhan Dhan Tero Bhaag"

Born in April 1912 in Kalanaur, Amir Khan rose to become one of the most respected and influential Hindustani classical vocalists of his day. He learned initially from his father Shahmir Khan, but later soaked up a variety of singing styles from different gharanas. His forte was the exposition of vilambit (slow) songs. He was especially fond of khyal and that fondness, as happens in all walks of life, translated itself into a greater depth of feeling and greater artistic attainments where such material was concerned.

Amir khan

Amir khan

He was killed in a car crash on February 14, 1974, and though a performer's reputation will often be exalted after his or her death, Amir Khan's voice truly shows that his reputation was based on merit. Like that of Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Amir Khan's reputation continues to grow and he has become deservedly one of the legends of Hindustani music. Ragamala (Classical Vocal Compilation) Volume 1 is particularly worth seeking out for his remarkable reading of "Raga Marwa." ~ Ken Hunt, All Music Guide

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